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The implications of this for the evolution of Neanderthals, the multiple pattern of human dispersals, and the nature of cognitive evolution, are considered.

The Scotsman may have missed out on the trophy but his fiancée Kim Sears, 27, was on hand to console the tennis champ while Novak celebrated his triumph alone as wife Jelena, 28, remained at home in Monte Carlo, with their three-month old son.

The changes apparently involve spending a lot of time in Los Angeles as opposed to his home base of San Diego.

Written by: Ernest Lehman Directed by: Mike Nichols What it's about: Troubled older couple George (Richard Burton) and Martha (Elizabeth Taylor) invite over the young and more innocent Nick (George Segal) and Honey (Sandy Dennis) for late-night drinks.

The more they all imbibe, the crueler and more violent their games get, culminating in a declaration of war.

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renewed activity In the l* the davclopment of the would do wonders for the ll SLi m TODAY'S SUMMARY 1— Nomitieeg of l»Unci Points. Acute Htage In Go, r ■ ' •■■" 10 — Children's I'age 11— Advts. At the conolusion of his address Gen- eral Baden-Powell called upon the So- cialists to send some of their speakers to the platform. Tho sur- face of the Ijarrler was s'r.-»ofh and ftnn. the crevices were very local and were found dai HTorous In only two places. fiar«fui and/UM'tl M Ibfftjn ., -, :'-4..^ ji J'*^-; ful l y 40 Per Ce A of People of British Columbia at tiiib season of the year require a Tonic — something to build up their systems and give them renewed vigor after the enervating ef- lecti& of the winter. Members Victoria Real Estate Exdisiik|i mmmm /* .4.. i rri iii ft i i Mj Hhll M NHod«m ftve-rodmed house on i:omer lot, 60x120, concrete foundation, full sized ^^^ - ».r°"f "J" 7.80 p.m., hubjact. ^ .» » « r-Cj -• TT ~ f R SO msji" cel'cbf iti Cr*^ dwell, and commg upon a rather tumble- down but very picturesque old fari|i,hp;us Pi,,i^3t beyond Court Farm, the home of Mr. de Navarro, slip decided to take it and at once set to work, with the help of her friend, Frank Millet, to transform it Jntt) o"e o^, ^^^ ^}^^^ delicious places imaginable. •:.; Many travelers who visit Broadway ask, "Which i^ Mi'^s Wb'"'- lin,e'" and look for it 111 \iiii ii - I 1 I has now been ;i( Navcirru, vvho has very clcv- •Bii;4i to Court Farm, connecting together by building a large ' Tttfe FAITH OF THE NATIONS I'raisc Lhc Uuil all y.p naium-, prai^^e.,,hini all ye people;. d by Samuel Btra ^vr Httle nowadays, ^t»^ ,1 \ CI \ learned scholar, - Uon^^^^H^a€ thi Slpil: t0 hundred of th^^ it again the i iiiu ,111(1 (^1 r i M jned chier and tffe" iw&ro T"Y& -J. Miss White la- bored for many weeks in all weathers among the- innumerable telugeei' who' fled to Tiibr^ min^ from the stricken eitv. 'ip''ss ..^|g■ a fi'Sla has run its merry 111 ardcu which her dfevotj^f J^^Sjeilian I i 1 1 H. Thee, man crosseth the terrible ocean.; if it pleaseth Thee, he is drowned therein ; If it pleaseth Thee, Thou art my merry spouse: t at Vi absorbed in. 'H- ^ He who recognizes the existence of suf- fering, its cause, its remedy, and its cessation, has. … continue reading »

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