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The same is likely true of Twitter, where the 140-character limit has made most punctuation seem dispensable.“In the world of texting and IMing …the default is to end just by stopping, with no punctuation mark at all,” Liberman wrote me.ekgbeat Debi left her reasons for closing my tread at the end.The tread got a lot of replies and got many members interested and wanting to try the site out.An American University study of college students’ texting and instant messaging habits found they only used sentence-final punctuation 39 percent of the time in texts and 45 percent of the time in online chats.The percentages were even lower for “transmission-final punctuation”: 29 percent for texts and 35 percent for IMs.Suck your mum You don't wanna diss man in my camp, you'll get spun Better run when you hear 3, 2, 1 All the man in my camp are big man, are you dumb Prem come through, it's like Fee Fo Fum You don't wanna have Nigos on your case You don't wanna see Reeks with a screwface T-u-double-g ting in the rave when I play No we don't do champagne What you wanna hear beef for the new campaign?

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Therefore, it could have looked like CC was promoting GP.

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