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"K, Tilly…" I was a bit sad that Tyler was leaving me in the morning like that instead of spending time with me. The house was empty, everyone was out doing whatever they were doing and no one would be home for at least a few hours. Tyler left the room without closing the door which allowed me to hear him closing the front door of the house shut, and assured me that I was finally alone with my thoughts. I could never just take him like that because he probably doesn’t want me to.

The much loved fairy-tale Goldilocks and The Three Bears comes to life on stage in an unforgettable live stage production of song and laughter that the children will love.

Tyler doesn't do anything about it though, why would he? He could never see me as more than a friend and I've accepted it.

I actually hate it when I let my feelings for my crush show…

“I wanna get lost in your Outback.” Whenever guys see a hot girl’s long legs, often one of them will say how they wouldn’t mind getting lost in those legs. ” I don’t think Indigenous people will appreciate their most prized musical instrument being a metaphor for a penis getting a gobby, but it’s still funny. “I’ll eat you like a dingo eats a baby.” Probably not the best line, making girls picture a ferocious dingo ravishing a helpless infant to bloody bits rather than a guy treating their privates like an ice cream. Just don’t ever use this line if the lady in question happens to be Lindy Chamberlain. “I bet you sound like a Tasmanian Devil in bed.” No guy actually wants the girl they’re sleeping with to sound like that agro character, but if this line is going to help you get her off, so be it! “I put the ‘laid’ in Adelaide.” Probably best used if you live in the city of churches, but should work throughout Oz. He enjoys pretty much all types of music and booze, so it is very easy for him to enjoy most nights out.

I just keep coming back to you.” Some guys are just going to follow girls around and will keep bugging them, so this metaphor is pretty accurate, and like those guys, has a bit of wood. So the picture of you doing it, and her being the croc, won’t work. Matt Wilson is the Content Manager for Bars and Nightclubs and a professional writer from Melbourne who enjoys drinking and clubbing, so writing for Bars and Nightclubs is perfect for him.

They have enjoyed numerous chart singles worldwide, notably 'King Of Wishful Thinking', the opening song in the hugely successful film 'Pretty Woman'.

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Six albums and 20 million sales later, Go West are stronger than ever.I have swapped the clip in pedals with flat ones and the slim-line seat for a nice padded one.I love watching cycling (except when that boring guy that’s not Phil Liggett commentates) I also used to love the peacefulness of dropping into that little valley over the back of Norton Summit on a nice still summers morning and feeling the temp drop about 5 degrees (sorry, forgotten the name it’s been a while) Going even further back I used to love racing down some of the mountain bike tracks through Horsnell Gully or down from Mt Lofty into Waterfall Gully Maybe Thomas Voeckler – he is always having a crack at something or Contador at his best…I was startled out of my thoughts when I heard a faint knock on the door. " Tyler whispered."nooo…" I answered back in an agonized voice."Sorry if I woke you up, I just needed to tell you that I'm going out to the store. I loved the occupation but I swear, if I wasn't going to get some alone time soon, my dick would have exploded.

I looked at the door, happy that I'm still lying under the sheets because if it wasn't for them then there would be no hiding my erection. He was all dressed and looked like he had woken up a while ago. I'll be back in a bit." Tyler said, still whispering. And the fact that I'm thinking a lot more about Tyler now that I'm seeing him all the time doesn’t help with the problem that is constantly growing in my pants.With different adventures from every character, the show will have parents and children alike laughing, playing and singing.