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01-Apr-2016 07:50

I build partnerships and connections for W Hong Kong and make sure we are always one step ahead of the curve.

The guests who stay at the W are always hungry for new experiences and I have to make sure we can provide the ‘X’ factor whenever they stay with us.

Just a normal girl, single / between boys / cruising the scene at the moment, out on the town, up for fun and looking for a new warm body to occasionally share my bed with ;o) I heard all the boys like to wake up to the crack of Dawn :o P So, what to say ...

HONG KONG: A man who murdered, then dismembered a teenage girl was convicted in her slaying yesterday and sentenced to life in prison. In passing sentence on Ting Kai-tai, 24, Justice Alan Wright described the man's crime as barbaric.

Senior police inspector Au Wai-shuen, of the Kowloon West region, called the case a tragedy and he described Ting's act as unimaginable.

Chui Yui-luen, the regional crime prevention officer of the Crime Kowloon West Headquarters, said, "The situation is getting worse.

When you’re young, you pick up accents and languages very fast and I started speaking English before Mandarin.

When I hit my teens, my parents started their own company in Taipei and the whole family moved back there and I started to speak and learn Mandarin for the first time.

I live in Sheung Wan, close to Whitespace as I like walking to work.

I went to San Francisco to do my Masters Degree in movies and stayed there for six years before moving back to Asia in 2009.

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