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But the foundation of the city of Berhampore remains questionable.

Karnasubarna, which is very near to Berhampore, has a history dating back to 600 AD.

It used to be known as Brahmapur because many of the Brahmin families settled here.

Baharampur is the administrative headquarters of the Murshidabad district.

In 2011, Baharampur was nominated to become a municipal corporation.You can look forward to monasteries in spectacular locations, rugged gorges and breathtaking vegetation during the Motorcycle tour of Bhutan and Sikkim .Sikkim was totally isolated for centuries, and even today, a special permit is required to travel there.Bike Tour Of Sikkim From Darjeeling, the motorcycle tour will first take us to Sikkim, a region which was only made a state of India in 1975.

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Sikkim is bordered by towering mountains, including Kanchenjunga (8,586 m), the third-highest peak in the world.The last Buddhist kingdom is gradually opening to tourism, yet only around 10,000 foreigners are permitted to visit Bhutan every year, and individual travelers are not allowed in.

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